Choose from a range of massages to suit the needs of your body and soul.


Deep tissue
$140 (60 Minutes) $170 (90 minutes)

A deep therapeutic massage using remedial and sports techniques to enable a release of tension and pain stored in the body.

$140 (60 minutes) $170 (90 minutes)

A customised massage, using a range of techniques to trigger release of specific physical problems.

$120 (60 Minutes) $170 (90 minutes)

A soothing and deeply relaxing massage to unwind muscular and mental tension, improve circulation and nurture your body.

$120(60 Minutes) $170 (90 minutes)

Enter an intoxicating state of relaxation. Your body and soul are stimulated through the pressure points in the feet.

$120(60 minutes) $170 (90 minutes)

The nurturing energy of the universe is channelled through the therapist’s hands.

$140 (60 minutes) $170 (90 minutes)

A nurturing and rejuvenating massage using natural products to ease discomfort, revitalise sore muscles and soothe your senses.

$120 (60 minutes) $170 (90 minutes)

Using a personalised blend of pure essential oils, specifically chosen to assist relaxation and renewal at a deep level.

Hot stone
$190 (90 minutes)

Heated stones and various massage techniques allow relaxation and restoration of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Feel free to combine your favourite modalities to receive a customised treatment tailored by you to meet your specific needs and pampering desires. Alternatively allow us to create an indulgent and luxurious session for you to enjoy.


With each treatment you are fully nurtured with a sensory journey, hot aromatic compresses, restorative pressure point therapy and a balinese palming ritual.

From top to toe
$230 (120 minutes)

A sage footbath and sea salt scrub prepare your feet for a reflexology session and a pedicure, finishing with a polish of your choice. While your nails are drying experience a deluxe customised facial. This will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, hydrated and smooth.

Glowing all over
$280 (150 Mintues)

You will feel refreshed and transformed by this luxurious holistic treatment. First receive a full body exfoliation using sea salts infused with essential oils to purify and stimulate your whole being. Deeply relax with a massage of your choice and finally revitalise and condition your skin with a deluxe facial.

Classic facial
$230 (120 minutes)

Surrender completely to this signature facial, designed to revitalise and harmonise your whole body.

Total pleasure
$180 (90 minutes)

Nurture and energise your entire body with this holistic treatment. Dry brushing exfoliates and stimulates your skin and an aromatherapy massage relaxes and soothes your senses. A luxurious facial massage completes this immensely pleasurable experience.

Mini Treatments

$65 1/2 hour mini facials

$50 Brow and lash tint

$30 Brow tidy

$70 Mini Pedicure


Certified organic skincare products are used in all treatments. With each beauty treatment you are fully nurtured with hot aromatic compresses, restorative pressure point therapy and a balinese palming ritual.


Relaxing facial
$160 (60 Minutes)

Restore, rebalance and hydrate your skin with a personalised facial powered by organic essential oils and plant extracts.

Renewal facial
$160 (60 Minutes)

An aromatic foot bath, exfoliation and massage of your feet will enliven your senses. Then relax with a facial treatment.

Purifying clay facial
$180 (90 Minutes)

This powerful treatment helps absorb excess sebum and helps regulate and balance your skin. 

Foot pamper
$130 (60 Minutes)

Lie back completely and relax with an aromatic footbath and receive a nurturing, pampering pedicure.

Yoga and Meditation

Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Meditation
We provide all yoga mats, blocks, straps and lavender eye pillows.

Types of sessions

Slow Hatha (60 or 90 min)

Hatha (60 or 90 min)

Restorative (for one on one) (60 or 90 min)

Yin (60 or 90 min)

Moving Meditation (90 minutes only)

Guided meditation/Yoga Nidra (60 minutes only)

These classes are for all ages, levels and we accommodate any injuries (some prior information on this is very handy when it comes to planning the sequences, please specify when booking so we can prepare the best sequence to suit but of course we are happy to accommodate issues/changes/new circumstances such as these on the day also. This information enables us to offer an even more nourishing class with this information prior)

The standard 60 and 90 minute classes will feature both pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation (such as yoga Nidra, visualisation meditation, breath awareness).


1 person $60 - 60min class

1 person $75 - 90 min class

2 or more people - $55 per person 60min class

2 or more people - $70 per person 90min class 

If you would like to pre-book a Massage or Yoga session during your stay, please enquire below. we will arrange this prior to your arrival.

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